Kinemacat (Russian Film Club) at Altrincham Little Theatre

Saturday 15 February 18:30 (Parts 1 & 2) & Sunday 16 February 17:00 (Parts 3 & 4)
War and Peace 
Directed by: Sergei Bondarchuk (1966)

History meets romance in this four-part marathon of the Russian classic blockbuster  (Film & Pizza nights)

A film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s epic War & Peace, the four-part cinematic tour de force follows the close-knit Rostov family and their friends through the Napoleonic War.

Lavish in its production, meticulous in historical accuracy and massive in scope, featuring thousands of real-life soldiers in re-enactment battle scenes that called for pioneering camera work, it also sustains an intimate, gripping family drama and haunting romance at its heart. Winner of Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.  Run time: Part I: 147 minutes Part II: 100 minutes Part III: 84 minutes Part IV: 100 minutes

Tickets £10 –

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